Animal Collective - My Girls Video

You can watch the video here. I tried for about 15 minutes to embed the video so it'd be sitting on the side of this page and look really cool, but that didnt work out. SMF coding. . .

This was one of my favourite songs off the record(and yes i OWN it, it sounds fantastic on wax, looks great too) and I wasn't surprised it was chosen to be the lead single. It takes a while to build up, but ends up being a frenzy of cymbals, keyboards, synths, and other electronics Roland and Moog come out with. Its really different and wouldn't be accepted by everyone, like most of A.C.'s back catalogue and thats okay. I tried playing Summertime Clothes off the new album at an all-ages punk show I was running sound for last weekend and it didn't go over well.


Fine I'll put on some NOFX geez. . .

Back to the video, as you can see it combines real life video with animation. Kinda like Who Framed Roger Rabbit but shorter, and reversed. The space scenes, molecules, water droplets, and the bodied silhouettes with the pink cartoon tongues and goggles help paint the picture of what Merriweather Post Pavillion is supposed to be:

A recreation of the outdoor listening experience.

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  1. I can see how people would get freaked out by that. But it's not a bad one. Just very different.