Ben Kweller - Fight Live On Letterman

I might beat the real press to this one.

Here is some pregame. One might say pre-ballin'.

I was checking my e-mail before I went to bed and SURPRISE!!! BEN'S GONNA BE ON LETTERMAN. I had no idea. I really only watch late night television if one of my favourite groups is performing. Tonight was one of those nights, I've been staying up really late anyway so it wouldn't hurt. I think this is Ben's fourth performance on Letterman. He played Little Pink Stars in 1997 to support Restraining Bolt, his third album with his first post-Nirvana group Radish(The Pillsbury Doughboy was there that night too). Sadly I haven't seen this episode. Back in 2006, the BK Trio performed Penny on a Train Track. All I really remember about this one were Bens red pants, 2 full Marshall stacks, and the rest of the band being decked out with arena ready equipment.

I also saw he played piano with Ryan Adams & America to advertise their new album which I never got around to listening to . . .

Things really changed for Ben Kweller this time around. He was armed with an Epiphone acoustic, a green camo shirt, a yellow baseball cap, and a whole different genre of music. The guitar amps and drum kit were scaled back to more of a country showcase. They also added a pedal steel guitarist to fill in all the blank spots. The set was short and sweet but got the point across. Fight is one of the strongest songs on the record and is slated to be the 1st single.

Changing Horses will be out February 3rd on ATO Records. Its embossed and feels really good to the touch. I'll do a review of this once its officially out.


  1. Oh I just love him. Fight was pretty good :).

  2. You're lucky you met him for sure.

  3. Ben did a great job on Letterman. Hope he puts out another rock album but the country is working for him.