Dead Dog (2007)

Right after hearing the beauty which is Vivian Girls, I realized Dead Dog was on the same label. The name struck me as being, well, familiar. I ordered the EP(I guess its an EP, on 12 inch, 8 songs, plays at 45RPM. . help me out here!) in the last month of 2008 with much anticipation. There were no Amazon sales or reviews anywhere, only Cassie Ramone name dropping them in a Pitchfork Review. I wanted to hear this strange band. There were a few short clips available on the website and on the MySpace, but I decided to wait it out.

Now that I have it I'm really pleased. The length clocking in just over 15 minutes, makes it easy to absorb in one sitting. On some songs I can tell they embrace one of my favourite theories in rock music, "Play something once, why repeat it?". The sloppy catchy hooks are everywhere and you can hear the punk/surf rock influences bleeding through the recording.

I then understood why Dead Dog was so familiar. It was a piece of Daniel Johnston artwork. They even cover Hate Song off his first album Songs of Pain. Such a surprise. I'm glad they also keep honest music of such a high caliber so close to their hearts.

Here is Swallow It by Dead Dog. Sorry for the slight hissing of the track, I ripped it directly off the record and I dont have one of these. I have one of these. I'm very content.

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