For some reason I can't remember this band's name to save my life. I keep recalling them as NOGZZZ or NUGZZZ but the name is just tough to remember.

Last year,I heard their single "I Dont Wanna Smoke Marijuana" on WFMU and I was incredibly impressed. Punchy, snotty, and basic. Too bad it didn't make this cut. You can find it on their 7" though. This release is more of a collection of songs rather than an album. The first side flows really well, and the second just seemed to go in a different direction. Regardless its a good listen. Let me try to explain.

NODZZZ does a really nice job of conveying their first wave influences into a very contemporary sound. Celtic punk, new wave, and THE KNACK are all on deck. The writing is very straight-forward. Simple Song tells you to give up making the punk rock music by 35 unless you've hit the big time. "I Can't Wait" even seems to channel the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" with the same topic and a few similar lyrics. Or maybe that was just me.

But in short, this record is really fun. It sounds like they may have written a lot of tracks in a month or so and decided to record it all in a brewski crammed weekend(for better or for worse Mo-town style).

NODZZZ - Is She There MP3

You can buy the record or Download from Insound and a few other outlets.

& Just so you know, I won't fall off the noisepop/lofi/whatever the hell you want to call it trend. I'll keep listening to and seeing these bands as long as they're thrown at me.


  1. I downloaded the song and it didn't work so I did it again, still didn't work.