Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop

halloween weekend is upon me. ive finally decided between my two choices of what i want to be. my two ideas were pastafarian(yes flying spaghetti monster, but in blackface and pasta noodies) or prince.



pains of being pure at heart -twins

this is a c86 influenced track that keeps coming back into my head lately. i havent listened to this ep in a couple months, but it reminds me of everything good in shoegaze and sappy indie pop. it sucks being enthralled by a music genre, (at least its not pop country).





for a bitty, starting with this


Dan Deacon Ensemble @ church in shepherdstown wv

what an unexpected show! this was a rehearsal for the Wham City leaders Ensemble's upcoming tour. the deac brought the jams with many of bmores other band members backing him up. i think i saw dope body and double daggers drummers on kits. supposedly the ensemble has an album in the works along with a "WHAM CITY COMEDY TOUR". alot of deacons commentary is offthewall stream of consciousness banter that usually freaks you out or hits spot on, what a weird dude. what a fun night. w japanther here two weeks ago i hope this is becoming a trenD.



as i dont play video games much.\,

this is awesome. halo 2600.. emulated atari http://members.shaw.ca/jeffv/halo2600.html

everything is meant to be broken(phone, drum machine)

eternal summers's self titled EP. the standout track is fall straight back. tinty jangle punk with female vocals. especially lovely.
the standout track: fall straight back


missed a day

been a busy student and forgot to post. i guess maybe thats a good thing. my drum machine should be here today, im kind of excited to play around work it into what im doing.

got an offer for the college radio, im supposed to go in on monday to see about getting down with the get down.

the record ive been listening to lately has been this compilation tape that came out on woodist called welcome home: diggin the universe. its filled with tape hiss, wonderful(although sometimes fucked up, but in a good way) pop songs with catchy melodies and everything i want in music really. this comp got me back into listening to woods and i realized they put out this neil young esque record back in the spring.

in other news, im saving money big time with hopes of sxsw 2011.


wavves 925 ottobar

after a long day at merriweather post pavillion, we decided to make a 20 minute trip to the ottobar to check out wavves. i saw them last year around this time when zach hill from hella was playing with him and ganglians was the opener. not too many people showed up.. this time was a complete turnaround. i got there right at the end of popos set, which appeared to be alot different than what i imagined. next was the death set, one of wham city's most promising acts. with an ipod shuffle 2 guitars and a drumkit their nasally electric filled punk was seriously happening. they played a really tight set, something you have to do when playing to a prerecorded track.

wavves is now a 3 piece. jay reatards old rhythm section is backing williams up. they actually sound balanced now. drinking hard having a good time and seriously taking their time to start playing their set. focusing more on king of the beach and the wavvves record, all the songs i wanted to hear were played. after a grown man fell on my neck and i moved to the back sore and sweaty in my over-sized flannel jacket, they played this crazy rendition of weed demon. it started as it did on the record with just a reverbed clean guitar and then added drums and bass throughout. im glad nathan williams didnt wash up like they thought he would have after primavera of last week.

stayed tuned for a record review.


Virgin Fest Ruled

long day of tunes tunes tunes. we got there around three in the afternoon and stayed until after pavements set. there were so many people, im not sure about the numbers compared to last year. the groups of bands were smaller and not AS well known as weezer and blink of 2009.

ed sharpe was pretty cool, they have well crafted songs, but a stage presense that freaks me out after a while.

neon indian allowed me to boogie down in the dance forest. i found out they had a rerelease of psych chasms.

joan jett really didnt fit in, as most of the rest of the groups were up and coming, but played all of those classic tunes.

matt and kim were fun, playing snippets of covers in between their set (including shimmyshimmyyah)

pavement ruled. malkmus by thy name.
wish i'd taken pics.
all for now. next post will be about wavves in the evening after vfest.


Virgin Fest tomorrow

im pretty excited. im going to definitely see neon indian and pavement. thats all im worried about.

Gee I was glad to find this

Now i need a job to make some monies. I always think less of Kevin Shields. I wouldnt think he'd be as expansive as like sonic youth but i think he has a million jazzmasters as well. how bout i get one???


Mountain Man - Made the Harbor

With fantastic all girl harmonies and a soothing mellow backdrop, Mountain Man is making music I sit down and drink cold coffee to in the dark.