missed a day

been a busy student and forgot to post. i guess maybe thats a good thing. my drum machine should be here today, im kind of excited to play around work it into what im doing.

got an offer for the college radio, im supposed to go in on monday to see about getting down with the get down.

the record ive been listening to lately has been this compilation tape that came out on woodist called welcome home: diggin the universe. its filled with tape hiss, wonderful(although sometimes fucked up, but in a good way) pop songs with catchy melodies and everything i want in music really. this comp got me back into listening to woods and i realized they put out this neil young esque record back in the spring.

in other news, im saving money big time with hopes of sxsw 2011.


  1. 1) Keep updating on the radio station deal, I want to listen to your show
    2) Yippee for SXSW 2011!!!!!

  2. sxsw rules. you went last year right? save that $$$$