Virgin Fest Ruled

long day of tunes tunes tunes. we got there around three in the afternoon and stayed until after pavements set. there were so many people, im not sure about the numbers compared to last year. the groups of bands were smaller and not AS well known as weezer and blink of 2009.

ed sharpe was pretty cool, they have well crafted songs, but a stage presense that freaks me out after a while.

neon indian allowed me to boogie down in the dance forest. i found out they had a rerelease of psych chasms.

joan jett really didnt fit in, as most of the rest of the groups were up and coming, but played all of those classic tunes.

matt and kim were fun, playing snippets of covers in between their set (including shimmyshimmyyah)

pavement ruled. malkmus by thy name.
wish i'd taken pics.
all for now. next post will be about wavves in the evening after vfest.


  1. I have to go, but i don't know i need to find a group of buddies who go too!

  2. well you missed it, it was yesterday lol.

  3. Interesting name, virgin fest

    matt and kim rock

  4. i like the name of the title lol

  5. rofl Virgin fest, sounds like a party to me :)>

  6. Ed Sharpe..... those damn hippies....