wavves 925 ottobar

after a long day at merriweather post pavillion, we decided to make a 20 minute trip to the ottobar to check out wavves. i saw them last year around this time when zach hill from hella was playing with him and ganglians was the opener. not too many people showed up.. this time was a complete turnaround. i got there right at the end of popos set, which appeared to be alot different than what i imagined. next was the death set, one of wham city's most promising acts. with an ipod shuffle 2 guitars and a drumkit their nasally electric filled punk was seriously happening. they played a really tight set, something you have to do when playing to a prerecorded track.

wavves is now a 3 piece. jay reatards old rhythm section is backing williams up. they actually sound balanced now. drinking hard having a good time and seriously taking their time to start playing their set. focusing more on king of the beach and the wavvves record, all the songs i wanted to hear were played. after a grown man fell on my neck and i moved to the back sore and sweaty in my over-sized flannel jacket, they played this crazy rendition of weed demon. it started as it did on the record with just a reverbed clean guitar and then added drums and bass throughout. im glad nathan williams didnt wash up like they thought he would have after primavera of last week.

stayed tuned for a record review.


  1. i used to have a pair of vans, just like those, i use nike's now though. thanx for the post

  2. it was a killer show man may have seen you there. so sore...

  3. when'd you get a blogger man? just saw you updated last fm and there it was BAM. cool ill start checkin yr shit out. you know whats good.